* Freely given and to be used freely by Hartmut Weidelich as he sees fit. *

Having been fascinated with British Vincents for over 50 years and having developed a Vincent drag-racer as well as fast road machines, I have hard won experience with boosting their power and speed. I have always freely shared information with aspiring Vincent racers all over the world. I take pride in seeing their standard Vincents become winners. Recently Hartmut Weidelich approached me and I have assisted him in his efforts to increase the power and speed of his Vincent Special. I soon learned that Hartmut has vast experience in building racing machines and is a super designer and machinist. All I did was to provide written advice, and Hartmut has gone on to produce remarkable results with his Vincent in both power and speed, erffortless manner. Now the motor runs cooler than ever and a Vincent he had found unable to run with modern Japanese and Italian Sports machines can keep up with them! I have encountered few individuals able to learn as quickly as Hartmut, and even fewer who were able to produce such consistent high performance in the real world.

Through this project, Mr. Weidelich's has demonstrated to my statisfaction his development and tuning abilities, and the quality of his craftsmanship. Hartmut produces his own frames, ignition equipment and exotic motor internals, as well as a super duty multiplate clutch. The clutch, a beautiful unit, has proved itself over great trouble free mileage at high speeds, as well as in the fires of racing. We at Big Sid's have installed a Weidelich clutch in a 1200cc Terry Prince Special motor we are currently completing. This power unit is bound for a custom special owned by John Shola, a prominent member of the Chicago ILL USA Section of the Vincent Owner's Club. My Son, Matthew Biberman, is looking forward to installing a Weidelich ignition unit on his own custom Shadow. So you can see, I not only endorse Hartmut's work, I use it on my own bikes as well as customers' bikes. No higher recommendation can be offered. And now Hartmut tells me he is gearing up to manufacture racing carburetors based on the potent Gardener design. I can hardly wait to examine the results! When you go with Hartmut, you go with a proven winner!

Big Sid Biberman, Vincent Specialist